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Multimedia & Animation Training Institute

Multimedia & Animation Training Institute

The Advanced Diploma In Multimedia and Animation course would take the understudy through every one of the zones of computerized inventive media to be specific realistic, web, liveliness and communicate, cleaning his or her abilities for the testing media industry as wells as introduction with the end goal to keep the understudy at standard with the requests of the business. It is one of the interactive media courses in Delhi proposed to conquer any hindrance between the Multimedia business and the Multimedia training Sector.


Module Course Name
Module - I Fundamental Of Computer, Windows Basic
Module - II M-S Office, Internet
Semester - I Multimedia With Graphic Designing
Semester - II Animation With Sound, Audio, &Video Effect
Semester- III Working with LIVE Project.

MS Office

  • Ms Word :-
    Designing word Art, Making Front Page / Benner ,Creating Table, Sorting table Data, Mail Merge, Document Security with Password and Official Documentation
  • Ms Excel:- 
    Calculations, Creating Balance sheet, Making Mark sheet with If-Else Condition, Using Formulas Mathematical Functions Making Charts, Salary Slip and Accountancy.
  • Ms Power Point:- 
    Making of slides , creating Presentation with Animation & Sound Effects.
  • Internet:
    Understanding INTERNET Concepts, Search Technique on Net, Understanding Short Forms, Creating E-mail ID, Sending and Receiving Mail, Greeting Cards Attaching and Downloading Files from Net
  • Fundamental Of Computer
    What is Hardware /Software, Computer Accessories, Understanding HDD Partition, Directories & sub Directories.
  • Windows Basic
    Ms Dos & Different Windows Versions (Win 2003, XP, Vista, Win7,8) Understanding System Date/time, MS-Paint, Saving & Opening the file, Understanding Control Panel.

Semester - I

  • Windows Concept
    Installing Software, Paint, WordPad, Notepad, Creating Folders, Shortcuts etc,
  • Photoshop
    Basic Tools, Indexed & Mixing Colors, Color Modes, C-shapes Color Printing , Creating Images, Creating Buttons, Filters, Using Effects , Masking, Making of Greeting Cards, Printing Techniques, etc.
  • Corel Draw
    Creating Graphics, Creating Logos, Clones Effects, Importing Saving files, Filters, Banners, Label creations, 4-color printing, Printing Techniques, etc.
  • Illustrator
    Creating Graphics, Graphs, and Logos, Importing of Files, Filtering, Printing Techniques etc.
  • Image Ready (Animation Package)
    Moving Images, Creating Animations, Web Pages, Creating GIF Files etc.


  • Macromedia Flash
    Creating Text Effects, Animation, Masking, Creating Path, Writing text, Buttons, Movie Clips, Graphic Motions, Shapes, etc.
  • 3-D Swift
  • Gif-Animation
  • Dream Weaver / FrontPage
  • 3-D Studio-Max
    (3-D Productivity) Use of views and Co-ordination System, Poly, Patch and Object Modeling, Rendering, Nurbs and Bones, Modeling, Lighting, Cameras and Particles, Special Effects, etc.
  • Sound Force
    Audio Mixing, Cutting, Adding, and Editing Sounds, etc.
  • Premiere
    Video Mixing, Adding Effects, Transitions, Masking, Video Editing, etc.
  • Projects (LIVE PROJECTS)