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Best Advanced Excel Training with MIS in Delhi-NCR, Advanced Excel Course With MIS, Advanced Excel and VBA Macros Training

Basic MS Excel Course, Advanced MS Excel Course with MIS, Best Advanced Excel and VBA Macros Course

Course Introduction

Welcome To Insta Infotech Advanced Excel and with MIS Training Institute, Insta Infotech extend employment opportunity situated Industry-explicit rear made MIS advanced excel expectations and VBA training. Advanced excel data analysis reports can permit your business to keep everything in a slick and systematic manner to speed things up.

Excel expectations are utilized for arranging, putting away, controlling and examining the data. MIS is a top of the line integrative field. MIS experts are the correspondence connect between business needs and technology.MIS is the investigation of individuals, innovation, and associations. During the temporary position preparing period, we will acclimate you with how to compose the unformatted information, control and examine the information and to make a report that is significant. Insta Infotech is one of the Best MIS advanced Excel Training in Delhi-NCR.

Advanced Excel is valuable for tenderfoots and working experts who need to learn MIS Data Analysis Reporting and graphical information portrayal, this is a momentary activity and quality-situated down to earth and task-based preparing, We center around aptitude building approach and attempt to improve students skills at par excellence.

Advanced Excel will be (Excel and VBA Professionalist). We are the main expert Institute with a specialization in Advanced Excel and VBA Macros. Our foundation portfolio includes the Advanced Excel and VBA preparing for Individual, Group and Corporate Interventions and Excel and Macros Corporate Trainings, Advanced Excel Institute in Delhi/NCR. We are an Excel preparing Institute that has done various bunches for Excel Training in Delhi/NCR. We are really committed to our students to groom their insight into Excel and VBA and help them to reach the highest point of the ladder.

Advanced Excel Institute is the exceed expectations instructional exercise where you can discover the answers for all your Excel and VBA related issues.

Where we give the preparation on all the subjects of Excel and VBA Macros. Our principle center zones are strong Advanced Excel Formula composing aptitudes, Strong Advanced Dashboard Presentation Skills, Strong VBA Macros Skills. All the meetings depend on a viable methodology with all the functional models and information.

Advanced Excel-is an expert Excel Training and VBA Macros Training organization that gives Advanced exceed expectations preparing in Vikaspuri, MIS Training in Uttam Nagar and VBA Macros Training in Delhi/NCR. We have led 500+ batches and prepared 10000+ working experts to date in our Advanced Excel Training Classes in Delhi/NCR, MIS Training Classes in Delhi/NCR.

Insta Infotech has led various Advanced Excel Corporate Training, VBA Macros Corporate Training in Delhi/NCR. We have a profoundly experience Corporate Trainer. Progressed Excel Corporate Training in Delhi, Advanced Excel Corporate Training in Vikaspuri, We ensure you the best quality of Advanced Excel Courses in Delhi, Excel Training in Delhi and Advanced Excel Classes in Delhi.

We are truly devoted to our students & corporate clients for providing them best of our services.

Basic Excel Course Online: A manual for Excel for all-out learners. Right now instructional class, master preparing supplier takes you through the basics of the world's most famous spreadsheet programming.

In this MS Excel training course, you will learn by watching the creator really play out the activity he is teaching on, as he clarifies bit by bit how to play out these capacities. The preparation clarifies Microsoft Excel beginning with the outright essentials of making your absolute first worksheet.

This course is comprised of the following units:

  • Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • MIS Basics: Hardware, Software, Networking, and Security
  • Data and Databases
  • Information Systems and Organization Strategy
  • Information Systems in Society and the World

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

Throughout this course, you'll also see related learning outcomes identified in each unit. You can use the learning outcomes to help organize your learning and gauge your progress.

  • describe the use and function of management information systems
  • identify and describe the different roles of people in information systems
  • explain the strategic value of information systems in the organization
  • describe the impact of information systems in the larger context of ethics and globalization
  • identify trends in information systems that will impact the next generation of business.
  • Focus on real scenarios of Reporting / Data Management / Automation, Difference between basic and advanced Excel, Excel Basics, Excel Settings, Advanced Formulas, Name Manager, Absolute and Relative fields, Goal Seek / Scenario, Managing Lists, Cross Reference (Absolute & Relative)
  • Conditional formatting, User Settings for Excel Application Level, Data Management and Analysis, Reporting Techniques, Pivot Table, Macros, Concepts of VBA, Excel Data Handling with VBA, Use of SQL Queries, Userform, Listbox, Combobox, Buttons etc., Application Design.


  • Protecting Excel File, Protecting worksheet, Workbook, Enable / Disable Range, Allow users to edit range, Protecting users to edit range, Field Controls using customised user access

Data FilTering / Data Formatting

  • Understanding Different Data Types, Using String / Text / Number / Long Data Types with examples, Managing Date Time Format, Handling Long Date time Format, Data Correction, Identifying bad data, Conversion of different data types, Importing and accessing different file types in excel


  • SQL Queries, Reports and Data Management, VBA Programming and Data Management Forms, Reports & Application Design


  • Get an overview of different Analytical Process, Differentiating Modules, Sub-Modules, Procedures, Data handling with the help of Access, ACCESS Forms and Reports, Writing Access Queries, Reporting and Formatting by different angles, Macro generation and application, design, Writing custom queries as per the need, Fundamentals of data handling, MIS, EXCEL and Access, Using of Developer Tools to Excel Worksheet, Using of ActiveX tools to Excel, Worksheet, Using of Developer tools to VBA Programming, Enabling / Disabling ActiveX Tools to VBA


  • Database, Tables, Fields and Properties, Form Properties, Variables, Functions, Modules, Subroutines, Conditional Validations, Using Other ActiveX Tools like, Calendar, Watch, PDF..., Looping Constructs (While, Do While, For, Foreach, If Else, If then else...) Functional Parameters


  • Understanding how to use the ODBC with Excel, Set up a data source for a database driver, Defining the ODBC API, ODBC Terminology, Defining the Data Source Manager, ODBC Driver, Data Source


  • Setting Data Source, Getting Charts / Graphs using Referential fields, Getting ACCESS Data Getting Other Data


  • Integration of Database, Connecting to a DBMS Using the SQL Procedure


  • Creating Tables / Queries / Forms, Insert / Update Statement, User Form / Field Updation, Multiple SQL Statements, The SQL Procedure, The Access Procedure, Requirements to Connect to a Database

DATA Connectivity

  • Connecting to a excel Using the SQL Procedure, Connecting to a access Using the SQL Procedure, Connecting to a DBMS Using the DSN