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CATIA Training Institute

CATIA Training Institute

Organizations that utilize the CATIA Computer Aided Design (CAD) system to develop their products are using a cutting edge system that help analyze, validate and document products utilized throughout the complete product life cycle. This course is focused on training the existing CATIA user by expanding their skills and techniques to further utilize advanced features of the CAD system. This course consists of multiple modules that are structured in a pedagogical sequence, covering the Part, Assembly, Drafting, and Generative Sheet metal Design workbenches of CATIA.


Module 1: Introduction to CATIA

  • Workbenches Discussion
  • Toolbars Discussion
  • Specification Tree Discussion
  • Compass Discussion
  • Mouse Usage Discussion
  • File Operations Discussion

Module 2: Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-I

  • Invoking the Sketcher Workbench Discussion
  • Units, Grid Settings Discussion
  • Construction and Standard elements Discussion
  • Drawing Sketch objects I Discussion
  • Inferred Constraints Discussion
  • Exiting the Sketcher Workbench Discussion
  • View Manipulation Discussion

Module 3: Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-II

  • Drawing Sketch Objects II Discussion
  • Modifying sketch Objects Discussion
  • Sketch Transformations Discussion

Module 4: Constraining Sketches and Creating Base Features

  • Constraining Sketches Discussion
  • Geometric Constraints Discussion
  • Dimensional Constraints Discussion
  • Sketch Analysis Discussion
  • Creating an Extruded Solid Using the Pad Feature Discussion
  • Creating a Revolved Solid Using the Shaft Feature Discussion
  • Assigning a Material to the Model Discussion

Module 5: Reference Elements and Sketch-Based Features

  • Reference Elements Discussion
  • Drafted Filleted Pad Features Discussion
  • Multi-Pad Features Discussion
  • Pocket Features Discussion
  • Drafted Filleted Pocket Discussion
  • Multi-Pocket Features Discussion
  • Groove Discussion
  • Extruding and Revolving Faces Discussion
  • Projecting 3D Elements Discussion

Module 6: Creating Dress-Up and Hole Features

  • Hole features Discussion
  • Chamfer Discussion
  • Fillets Discussion
  • Draft Discussion
  • Shell Discussion

Module 7: Editing Features

  • Editing Features Discussion
  • Cut, Copy and Paste Discussion
  • Deleting Features Discussion
  • Deactivating Features Discussion
  • Defining the Work Object Discussion
  • Reordering Features Discussion
  • Parent Child Relationships Discussion
  • Update Diagnostics Discussion
  • Measuring Elements Discussion

Module 8: Transformation Features and Advanced Modeling Tools-I

  • Translating and Rotating Bodies Discussion
  • Symmetry and Mirror Features Discussion
  • Patterns Discussion
  • Scale Discussion
  • Parts with Multiple Bodies Discussion
  • Boolean Operations Discussion
  • Stiffener Features Discussion

Module 9: Advanced Modeling Tools-II

  • Rib Discussion
  • Slot Discussion
  • Multi-section Solids Discussion
  • Power copy Discussion

Module 10: Wireframe and Surface Design

  • Surfacing Workbenches Discussion
  • Wireframe geometry Discussion
  • Extruded Surfaces Discussion
  • Revolved Surfaces Discussion
  • Offset Surfaces Discussion
  • Swept Surfaces Discussion
  • Fill Surface Discussion
  • Multi-section Surfaces Discussion
  • Blended Surfaces Discussion
  • Split, Trim and Join Discussion

CATIA Certification

Top employers in the industry are looking for skilled students & individuals certified on 3DS solutions to unleash the power of 3DS tools. CATIA Certification validates that you have the skills and knowledge needed to unleash the power of CATIA tools.

Earning a CATIA certification can help you get a job, keep a job, or possibly move up in your career. It helps you stand out among the other users and be part of our growing community of certified users. The Survey on Certification Benefits showed that 86% of students certifying identified the benefits of better job opportunities.

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